Layout 1Welcome to the web pages of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Killala. Situated in the West/North-West corner of Ireland, we are a diocese with a long tradition of the Christian faith.  The diocese takes in North Mayo and portion of West Sligo and its roots are at the very heart of the Christian faith in Ireland. In his work, The Confession, St Patrick in his own words tells us that he had a vision a few years after returning home:

“I saw a man coming, as it were from Ireland. His name was Victoricus, and he carried many letters, and he gave me one of them. I read the heading: “The Voice of the Irish”. As I began the letter, I imagined in that moment that I heard the voice of those very people who were near the wood of Foclut, which is beside the western sea—and they cried out, as with one voice: “We appeal to you, holy servant boy, to come and walk among us.” The Wood of Foclut lies in the diocese of Killala, in the parish of Lacken.

These pages reflect the many ways in which we continue to serve God through our service to his people; the descendants of those who appealed to Patrick to come and walk among us.

We chose August 12th to unveil our new site in honour of St. Muredach, the patron saint of our diocese.


St. Muredach, following in the footsteps of St Patrick, walked among the people of this diocese to bring the Good News to them.  In that same spirit, we hope and pray that this new web site will help people to better come to know the love of Christ and His Church in Killala and across the Globe.

I encourage you to explore its many resources to learn more about our Catholic Faith and Our Diocese.

John Fleming
Bishop of Killala
Feast of St Muredach 2015.