Diocese of Killala

Placing Hope in Faith
A Listening Process: 2017-2020
Stage 1: Listening and consultation (2017-2018)
Data from submitted questionnaires independently and confidentially analysed by the Institute for Action Research, Kerry.
At our Diocesan Assembly on Sunday, July 1st, 2018, over 300 delegates from the 22 parishes of our diocese voted on 129 proposals across different pastoral areas, prioritizing the top 5 or 6 proposals in each category.
Stage 2: Implementation (2018-2019)
Focus Groups were established with a view to outlining a process of implementation in respect of the proposals as voted by the delegates at the Diocesan Assembly under the following pastoral headings:
1. Family
2. Prayer/Pastoral Care
3. Women in the Church
4. Youth
5. Inclusion
6. Education in the Faith
7. Lay Participation
8. Vocations
9. Liturgy/Deacons
10. Management of Parishes
An Implementation Committee is coordinating this part of the process.
It is expected that Focus Groups will have completed their task by the end of 2019 as Placing Hope in Faith moves towards Stage 3 in 2020.
Stage 3: Action (2020…)
This stage will focus on the various action points across the ten pastoral areas with an emphasis on practical implementation of agreed proposals.