Placing Hope in Faith – Stage 2 – 2019

Following on from our Diocesan Assembly last July, where over 300 delegates from all 22 parishes in our diocese voted on 129 proposals, Stage 2 continues apace with Focus Groups dedicated to ten areas of pastoral concern. Focus Group meetings commenced in March and will continue for the remainder of the year. Each Focus Group will examine the proposals that were prioritised by the Diocesan Assembly with a view to formulating a Diocesan Pastoral Plan for the Diocese of Killala.

Ten Focus Groups are currently dedicated to the following areas of pastoral concern:

  1. Family
  2. Youth
  3. Women in the Church
  4. Lay Participation
  5. Education in the Faith
  6. Vocations
  7. Prayer
  8. Liturgy & Deacons
  9. Inclusion
  10. Management of Parishes

An Implementation Committee is also in place to encourage, supervise, co-ordinate and resource the Focus Groups.