Pope Francis calls for World Day of Prayer for Peace

Pope Francis invites people around the world to pray for peace on Friday, October 27th. The Pope has called for a day of fasting, penance and prayer for peace in the world October 27th, 2023.

“War does not solve any problems, it only sows death and destruction. It increases hatred, multiplies revenge. War erases the future,” he said at the end of his general audience talk in St Peter’s Square October 18th.

“Our thoughts go to Palestine and Israel,” he said to applause.

“Casualties are rising and the situation in Gaza is desperate,” he said. “Please, may everything possible be done to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe.”

What is also “disturbing,” he said, is the possibility the conflict will spread just as so many other battles of war are being waged in the world.

“Please,” he said, “let us continue to pray for peace in the world, especially in tormented Ukraine,” a tragedy that is no longer talked about but continues.

“Silence the weapons. Listen to the cry of the poor, the people, the children, for peace,” the pope said.

He urged all people of faith to take “just one side in this conflict: that of peace. But not with words, with prayer, with total dedication.”

For this reason, he said, he has decided to call for a day of fasting, prayer and penance October 27th.

The Pope invited men and women of every Christian denomination and other religions as well as those committed to the cause of peace to participate in any way they feel is appropriate.

There will be an hour of prayer starting at 6 p.m. Rome time in St Peter’s “imploring for peace in the world,” he said, and local churches are invited to organize similar initiatives.

  • Prayers for Peace and bells to be rung on 11 November

Pope Francis has called for Europe to be more creative in the way that we respond to the war in Ukraine includes “a need for more prayer, for conversion, and an end to the conflict.”  In this vein, bishops encourage the faithful to follow in prayer the request of the Holy Father “that during the month of October, the Rosary be dedicated to peace and reconciliation in Ukraine.”  Bishops also ask that a dedicated prayer for peace be included by parishes in the Prayer of the Faithful during the celebration of Mass in October – see below.
On Saturday 11 November, at 11.00 am, coinciding with the end of the First World War, cathedrals and parish churches are invited to ring church bells as a call for peace and an end to war.
Blessed are the Peacemakers
We pray to You O Lord, through the intercession of Your Most Pure Mother Mary,
Give to the people suffering war and conflict the gift of peace, for you have given us all else:
A peace that all of us share in the passion and wisdom that is the Lord Jesus Christ.
The peace of the Sabbath, and the peace that knows no evening.
Stir up in the hearts and the minds of our leaders and politicians a longing for peace,
That brings real joy and our hearts will be restless no more.