Wedding Music Suggestions

Entrance: Organ Music , Choose from;

  • Bridal March (Wagner)
  • Trumpet Voluntary (Clarke),
  • Hornpipe (Water Music by Handel),
  • Jesu Joy Of Man’s Desiring (Bach)
  • Canon in D (Pacelbel), or any other appropriate entrance music
  • Other instrumentals played by violin/flute etc appropriate here too


Psalm: (sung). Choose from

  • On Eagles Wings (Joncas),
  • Here I am Lord,
  • You Are Mine (David Haas),
  • Set Your Heart on the higher gifts (Warner),
  • Mo Ghra thu a thiarna (Liam Lawton),
  • Hiding PLace (Liam Lawton).
  • Centre of my life (Paul Inwood)
  • Only in God (Talbot)
  • When you seek me,
  •  Like a Shepherd, he feeds his flock
  • I will sing Forever to you (David Haas),
  •  Se an Tiarna M’aoire
  • Any other appropriate psalms


Alleluia: Sung

Lighting of marraige candles (very short)

Choose from

  • May God bless and keep you
  • I’ll be with you
  • Wherever you go (Vard sisters)
  • Christ be our light
  • Instrumental

Offertory and Communion.  One hymn at offertory and usually 2/3 at commuinon depending on size of congregation.


  • Ave Maria (Schubert)
  •  Ag Criost an Siol
  • Panis Angelicus
  • Cloud’s Veil (Lawton)
  •  You raise me up
  •  Jesu Joy of Man’s desiring (vocal version)
  •  Soul of my saviour
  •  Amazing Grace
  •  I watch the sunrise
  •  Lady Of Knock
  •  Take and Eat (Joncas)
  • Only A Shadow
  • Make me a channel of your peace
  • How great thou art
  •  Christ be beside me
  • The Blessing (Brendan Graham), made famous by Celtic Women
  • When Love is Found (same melody as ‘The water is wide’),
  • Love Never Fails (David Haas)
  • The Servant Song (Richard Gilliard)
  •  Laudate Dominum (Mozart)
  • There is a Redeemer (Melody Greene)
  • The Prayer (Bochelli and Sarah Brightman)
  •  A Clare Benediction (John Rutter)
  •  Where your treasure is (Marty Haughen),
  •  As the deer pants for the water
  •  In this Place
  • The Holy City (Jerusalem)
  •  The Lord’s Prayer (Melotte)
  • Anima Christi (Marco Frisini).
  • Only In God
  • Shout to the Lord

Also any of the psalms from above can be used here too.  Or any of your own suggestions if appropriate.

Signing of register: Any of the hymns from the Offertory or Communion list work very well here too.  Instrumental pieces on organ or other instruments are good here also. Or any of your own suggestions if appropriate.

Choose from

  • Nella Fantasisa (a classical piece, it’s the tune of Gabriels Oboe)
  • Flower Duet
  • You Raise me up
  • The Rose
  • She moved through the Fair
  • All I ask of You (Phantom of the Opera)
  • Make of our hands, one heart (Westside Story)
  • Instrumental pieces


Recessional: Organ Music. Choose from

  • Wedding March (Mendelssohn)
  • Queen of Sheba (Handel) or any of the marches from the Entrance list (not Bridal March)