World Mission Sunday – October 18th, 2020

What is World Mission Sunday ?

In basic terms, World Mission Sunday is the Holy Father’s annual direct appeal for spiritual and financial support so that the life-giving work of missionaries can continue.

It always falls over the second last weekend in October, and similar to the Good Friday Collection for the Holy Land and Peter’s Pence, it is one of three yearly Universal Church collections. Since its announcement as a papal collection, all parishes worldwide have offered Mass collections from the day to aid the work of missionaries and mission overseas.

Many are surprised to know that World Mission Sunday collections take place in every single parish where the Church is present. This includes not only Ireland and across Europe, but also in poorer parishes in the developing world. World Mission Sunday is a moment of universal solidarity, when each member of the Church family, regardless of location or background, can play their part in supporting each other. This is why it is such a special and vital celebration.

World Mission Sunday allows local people to celebrate the joy of the Gospel, in safety, for generations to come.